Monthly Archives: January 2016

go blue for a better night’s sleep.

A blue colour scheme in your bedroom, from the calmest of baby blues to deep, dramatic cobalt, can actually help you get a better night’s sleep!

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5 steps to becoming a morning person

Experts attest the way we start our day has a significant impact on how the rest of it plays out and the best way to become a morning person is by developing good habits.

Start retraining your body with these simple steps.

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The Difference A Year Makes- Become A Success With A Lorraine Lea Business

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to spend more time with family, or to have the freedom to dictate when you work, why not consider starting your own Lorraine Lea business? Lisa, from WA, made exactly that decision and has come a long way in just 12 months.

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18 reasons to start your own business

We’ve listed 18 perks of running a Lorraine Lea business. What more motivation do you need to escape the job you hate and take control of your own career this year?

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7 signs it’s time for a career change

Thinking about changing careers, but don’t know if you’re ready to take the leap? Leaving a familiar, long-term job can be a tough decision, but it pays to be brave!  A change could be the best thing you’ll ever do… Here are some tell-tale signs you need a change. Do any of these sound familiar? You’re unhappy where you are

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