Monthly Archives: December 2015

12 weird things your body does while you’re sleeping

Even though your mind is soundly in the land of dreams, your body may be doing something you’re completely unaware of while you sleep. So what actually happens during those hours of solid shut-eye?

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towel tlc – how to be kind to your beach towel

Zahli round beach towel

 It’s time to prepare your beachside buddy and keep her beautiful with these top towel tips.    Get Your Beach Game Strong: There is no “towel” in team. You can’t just rest the weight of your holiday hopes and dreams on one terry-toweling titan if you want it to go the distance. Getting the most out of your beach visit

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chill out and drop off: sleeping cool in summer

Things heating up in the bedroom isn’t always as good as it sounds. Staying cool is necessary for deep and restful sleep, so how do we avoid sweltering, sleepless summers? If you’re not lucky enough to have air conditioning in the bedroom, cooling down on a hot night requires a little more creativity. Here are some of the best ways

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your 15 step holiday checklist

No one likes to feel as though they have forgotten to do or pack something important before heading off on vacation – use this cheat sheet to make sure you have all the essentials covered off.

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simple summer entertaining

Nothing beats a backyard barbecue with friends, but how do you make your event stand out from the slew of others you’ll attend during summer?

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sleeping with pets – science says yes

sleep peacefully with a pet

Snoozing with your schnoodle and cuddling with your calico could see you sleeping more soundly, according to a recent study. While earlier studies found that dogs and cats can disturb sleep if they’re restless, new findings out of the Mayo Clinic in the U.S. show that those without a partner present at bedtime can be soothed into a faster, more

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