Monthly Archives: October 2015

5 common sleeping myths dispelled

Sleep is a necessary part of our lives, however, there are many myths that surround how much we should be getting, the quality we need and tricks to achieve it.

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Oversleeping: Too much of a good thing?

We all know it’s important to get a good, solid night’s sleep. But did you know you can have TOO MUCH sleep?

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8 bad workout habits you need to break.

There’s no denying working out is great for your health, but if you aren’t careful, some of these common bad exercise habits could actually be the reason you get sick.

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your guide to styling with sheets

Gone are the days of only having plain white or neutral shades to choose from, you now have a multitude of options that span all the colours in the spectrum. A sheet change is a great way to get maximum visual effect for minimal cost, and best of all, you can mix and match them to suit your changing quilt cover!

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What is microfibre?

You’ve probably heard the word ‘microfibre’ used once or twice in conversation, but what IS IT exactly?

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HOW TO: store your winter quilts

Hallelujah! Winter is finally over.

As the weather starts warming up, you’ll soon need to pack away your heavy bedding and swap it for your lightweight, summer quilt.

There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you’re winter quilts are kept clean and healthy during their hibernation period.

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